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Design-Bid-Build Process

A Comprehensive Guide

At Claypoole Group, our traditional Design-Bid-Build construction process, offers a systematic approach to commercial projects. Learn how we guide you through each phase, ensuring seamless collaboration and exceptional results.


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Customer Satisfaction

Design-Bid-Build Process

The Design-Bid-Build (DBB) method is the most traditional and widely recognized construction process, consisting of three distinct phases: design, bid, and build. This delivery method is often considered the go-to option for new commercial construction projects due to its systematic approach and the opportunity for owners to collaborate closely with architects and engineers to secure the best possible price. In this article, we will delve into the Design-Bid-Build process and explore how Claypoole Group can expertly guide you through each phase.

  • Clear project roles and responsibilities: The separation of design and construction responsibilities allows for a clear division of labor and expertise.
  • Competitive bidding: This process encourages general contractors to offer their best prices and fosters competition, potentially lowering overall project costs.
  • Design control: The owner has a direct relationship with the designer, ensuring that their vision and requirements are accurately captured in the design.


Design The design phase marks the beginning of the construction process. The project owner hires a designer, either an architect or an engineer, to create a design for the new facility. During this phase, the designer prepares all necessary drawings and specifications that the construction team will need to complete the project. It is essential to establish a strong working relationship between the owner and the designer, as this collaboration ensures that the final design meets the owner’s needs and preferences.


Once the design work is complete, the project moves into the bid phase. General contractors review the construction documents, consult with subcontractors, and ask the architect or engineer any clarifying questions needed to prepare their bids. Each bid represents a general contractor’s best price for the project, and multiple bids for the same project can vary significantly.

As a leading construction company, Claypoole Group has extensive experience in reviewing construction documents and working closely with subcontractors to provide comprehensive and competitive bids. We understand the importance of accurate bids and strive to provide the best value for our clients.


After reviewing all submitted bids, the designer will ask contractors for any additional information and ultimately choose the bid that best fits the owner’s needs. With the winning bid selected, the build phase begins, and the general contractor’s team commences construction work on the new facility.

A unique feature of the Design-Bid-Build method is that the designer will oversee the work of the general contractor and subcontractors to ensure the owner receives a high-quality end product. Claypoole Group takes pride in our attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Navigating the Design-Bid-Build Process with Claypoole Group

Claypoole Group’s expertise in the Design-Bid-Build process ensures a seamless and efficient experience for our clients. Our dedicated team of professionals works closely with architects, engineers, and subcontractors to deliver high-quality, long-lasting results. With our extensive industry knowledge and commitment to excellence, Claypoole Group is your ideal partner for navigating the Design-Bid-Build process and bringing your commercial construction project to life.

The Design-Bid-Build process is a tried-and-true method for executing construction projects, offering a structured approach and the opportunity for owners to secure the best possible price. Claypoole Group’s expertise in the DBB process guarantees a smooth journey from design to completion, ensuring that your commercial construction project exceeds expectations.

Why Choose Claypoole Group for Your Custom Build?

  • Over 30+ years of combined industry experience

  • Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

  • Transparent communication and collaboration

  • Comprehensive project management from start to finish

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